GB Designs Architectural, LLC
1660 E Cottonwood St.
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326
Email: GBDA@FGBDesigns.Com  
Phone: (928) 634-0537


Hello, my name is Geoffrey Ball and I have been designing residential and light commercial projects and drafting construction documents since 1996. I have developed my business for the past 17 years on hard work and determination. I love a challenge and enjoy designing homes and interior spaces. I apply Feng Shui principles and my intuitive abilities when designing, site locating the best views, flows, and the properties potential. It is always a pleasure to design (as a team), a new project from concept to completion.

Here at G.B. Designs Architectural LLC we work together with William E. Slatton "
The Wizard" Architect
of record and a Taliesin alumni 
member. He worked under Frank Lloyd Wright 3 years prior to Frank's passing in 1959. Bill has agreed to register G.B. Designs Architectural LLC as a branch firm with the Arizona board of 
technical registration, our number is 14694-0. That means we can do what he is licensed to do as an Architect under his supervision as Architect of record. Bill has a unique ability and experience that has earned him my respect. Bill is... An old hand, a self made man, a bible of truths and consequences knowing what works and saving a lot of time & money eliminating what doesn't.

Also relatively new to GB Designs, but certainly not new to Architecture and Design, I am pleased to announce Architect, Paul Walter. Paul's in charge of our Arizona/New York operations and has experience and knowledge working in high profile professional firms and brings a combined 40 years experience in commercial-residential design and office operations.

Our goal is to satisfy a niche where the home owner and builder alike get the best design and quality of work at a reasonable price. But let me say experience is gained in the trenches and what is delivered is only as good as the planning done by the people with that experience. Our collective experience is part of what we offer. We have a total of 100 plus years under our belts.

My back ground started out in 1980 in a small cabinet shop in Phoenix, AZ. for a couple of years then I worked on commercial construction in Arizona & Southern California. I worked 
independently for 10 years as a trim carpenter and then worked for a custom home builder in Sedona Arizona for another 6 1/2 years, where I applied and learned even more talents including project supervision, working with clients designing and drafting plans. I went out on my own in 1996 because I wanted to focus on building design and have a direct impact on the design. I took my experience from the field and applied it in a brand new way in the office helping my clients visualize what they wanted in a home design, then applying my experience in the field. I developed an ability to intuitively know and mentally visualize what they wanted. I listen to my clients desires, dreams and design and produce a visual experience for my client's to review what they cannot typically visualize themselves. 

Although some of my clients need only drawings of what they have designed. I am totally willing to acquiesce to their needs and only interject my experience when necessary to avoid any beginner blunders. I have learned there is more to designing a successful project than just being artistic and creative. "A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether" Quote by Roy H Williams.
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